Proton Facilities

Proton Systems operates 3 manufacturing facilities to serve our customer's needs.

24 Hour service

Staffed by experts CNC machinists, Software engineers and Medical Physicists

Access to major shipping routes


Proton Systems Florida                                   Proton Systems Virginia  

2901 Danese St.                                               35 Research Drive

Jacksonville,Florida 32206                                Hampton,VA 23666

Phone 904-633-5002                                        Phone 757-224-5685



        Proton Systems Tennessee

         3511 Overlook Circle

        Knoxville,TN 37909 

        Phone 757-224-5685 







Patient Specific

Blank Apertures

510K Cleared


Patient Specific

Blank Compensators

510K Cleared


24 Hour Availability

Custom Machining and Software

Quality Assurance

FDA Compliant